Our Solutions

Vertical Markets

Local Delivery Services

Transportation of goods within a localized area, typically for the purpose of delivering products to individual customers, businesses, or institutions. Includes real-time on-demand pickup and delivery services e.g. for Restaurants, Cafés, local stores.

Fuels Transport

Transportation of various types of fuels, including petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and natural gas, from production facilities or refineries to distribution points such as fuel stations, airports, and industrial sites.

Bulk orders, Dark stores

Delivery of bulk orders for supermarkets and dark stores involves the transportation of large quantities of groceries and supplies to retail supermarkets and dark stores, which are fulfillment centers specifically designed for online grocery orders.

Intermodal Freight Transport (Containers)

Transportation of goods using multiple modes of transportation (such as trucks, trains, ships, and barges) in standardized containers that can be easily transferred between different modes without the need to unload and reload the cargo.